Starting this blog

2021, Feb 08    

This is my first ever official blog entry for this site. This post is a brain dump of thoughts to help me get started :)

This year I have decided to put a real effort into content creation. I have always been a lurker on the internet. A lurker might sound creepy but in the world of the internet, a lurker is a person who doesn’t participate. With 2021, I want to change that. This year, I want to put real emphasis into content creation as this was something I have always wanted to try but never had the balls to. Although i have dabbled a bit with making some tutorials on youtube, putting out medium articles and just building random things that I shared with friends, I have never stayed consistent and followed through. The one thing I learned about the internet is that you don’t always go viral overnight. Yes, maybe some people did or do but the majority of us have to put in the work. The beautiful thing with that is that your work will always compound and overtime. The tiny successes will add up. It is just a matter of being consistent and going through this. This will require real time and effort but it is going to be worthwhile.

I am going to start small. This blog is the very first step because I find it easy to organize my thoughts once I have written it down. Right now, I have started streaming on Twitch and making random Tiktoks. I am not staying consistent with either because I am just spending a lot of time just consuming social media on both those platforms. On top of that I am trying things like trading on the stock market and creating a discord community for gamers and developers. This is all on top of doing school. With all these going on… I have also been feeling helpless and slightly burntout. I know this is a result of me putting on these unrealistic expectations of myself on me. So I decided to act on it. I withdrew from my elective class which was consuming more time than my other courses at the time. I minimized responsibility for things that I don’t see giving me a lot of value. I am puting an emphasis on my physical healh which inturn contributes to my mental. I noticed that going for small walks regularly has been helping me a lot. I am slowly incorporating a home workout routine due to the ongoing pandemic not letting me go to gyms. And finally, this blog to journal all my thoughts, ideas and feeling to help me organize my thoughts.

Eventually, I am going to start making Youtube videos. It is going to be based on ideas that I put down on these blogs. I currently have a gaming channel which has been really fun. I mostly post all the highlights and fun moments gaming with my friends on that channel and don’t focus on views. That experience has been really fun and I hope to keep this mindset when I start making videos for my main channel.

Tiktok right now is the most trending thing and is used by every content creator to grow their channel especially small content creators. I still havent figured out what my niche is but I will keep posting videos for fun. I will figure this out later.

Twitch is hard to grow on for new streamers. Being focused on viewers will lead me to burnout. My current strategy of just playing with my friends and recording things is what I aim to keep on doing. I do however want to get better and develop an unique voice or theme which attracts people to my channel.

This year’s resolution is to stay consistent and not give up. It has to be fun however. I will only create content that I enjoy making. I am also making my physical health a priority. With the pandemic, I have been very sedentary and have gained a bit of weight. That needs to go. The things I focus my energy on has to be cut down to a very few things.

I am very excited to begin this year and I want to document my entire journey. Thanks everyone and stay tuned for more!